Lolo’s Angels Junior Board

“The Lolo’s Angels Junior Board was created so that Lolo’s peers could continue to be involved in her healing process. When Lolo was first diagnosed with cancer, her classmates visited her during a snow day and made snow angels under her hospital window to demonstrate the love and support she could find within her community.

These students demonstrated their passion and drive, inspiring individuals throughout Omaha and beyond. The Lolo’s Angels Junior Board utilizes the talent and zeal of local high school students to organize and conduct fundraisers for Lolo’s Angels to cure AML.

Our vision for the Junior Board is to eventually have high schools across Omaha represented on our Board.”

Back row, left to right: Gabe VanDyke, Luke Waters, Bridget Duffy, Cydney Putnam, Liz Schrop, Zoey Armstead, Lauren Rosenthal, Sydney Monahan, Blair Kratochvil, Claire Janecek, Olivia Bidroski, Catherine Oberlies, Ellie Rommelfanger, Amou Majok, Josh Kramer, Ellie Mulligan

Middle: Lucy O’Brien, Marin Waters, Emmy Kmiecik, Davine Francis, Emma Roth, Lauren Hacker, Kiley Root, Emma Jarosik, Meredith Mueller, Kristin Goertz, Owen O’Brien, Sarah Cronin

Front: Laura Klingemannn, Macy Salerno, Telly Mounto, Tess Bowler, Ellie Henderson, Ruby Kenney , Juliet Kolterman, Molly Smith, Vicky Bongomin, Ben Kramer

Photo Credit: Sara Rogers Photography

Halli Tripe

Junior Board Director

Clara Roth

Assistant Junior Board Director

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